To ensure we keep you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to follow government guidelines for our industry, we have set out our rules and guidelines which must be adhered to when you make a booking with any of our massage therapists.

Your Hygiene & The Use of Face Masks

Man to Man Massage UK - COVID Guidelines

To keep in line with government rules surrounding COVID-19, we MUST be adhere to the current rules when you book a massage treatment with any of our therapists.


This will help us to ensure your health and safety is protected, as well as our therapists during your massage treatment. 

Our safety measures to protect you and ourselves


When you arrive for your massage treatment, we expect you to be extremely clean i.e. washed, bathed or showered prior to receiving your massage treatment.

'Face masks/coverings' are not essential for you  or our therapists to wear if you have been vaccinated, or can prove you have been tested within the last 48 hours (lateral test flows are free and available for you to order for free) see the link below. Our male professionals will be regularly testing themselves using the lateral flow tests and are happy to show you their results. 


Facilities such as bathrooms are also available with all our therapists, and you will be expected to wash your hands and forearms. Hand sanitizing gel will also be available.

Although you will be going into our treatment areas, all our treatments areas will be cleaned from top to bottom before and after each client. 



These are the guidelines that we would like you to adhere to, before and during your massage treatment:


​There will be never be any close up 'face to face' contact with you during any of our massage treatments.

You will be lay on your front for majority of all massage treatments

When you turn over for us to complete your massage, and are lay on your back, we will only massage you from your feet up to your torso and chest.

Once your massage is complete, your therapist will offer you a drink of water and allow you plenty of time to ease yourself up from the massage table/mat. You can use the space they have provided (possibly their bathroom) to get yourself dressed and ready to leave. 

The Health & Safety of Our Clients and Our Therapists is Extremely Important For Everyone to Adhere to.