Man to Man Male Professionals

Retreat Manager & Complementary Therapist

Hi guys,

Let me introduce myself and tell you why booking a spa retreat with Man-to-Man Massage UK will be the perfect relaxation stay for you.

Our spa retreat team brings you a wealth of knowledge and experience in their professional fields as complementary therapists, personal trainers, yoga and meditation instructors, sports therapists, nutritionists and learning and development experts specialising NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

I have been working as a complementary therapist now for almost 7 years and have designed and developed my own massage therapy treatments based on clients wants and needs, and so I know exactly what kind of massage therapy men enjoy, as well as how it helps them to elevate their mood, release their tension and increase their personal productivity.

Before qualifying as Complementary Therapist 7 years ago, I spent my career working as Learning and Development Consultant for 3 major blue-chip companies in the UK and Globally, and my speciality training was personal growth, customer experience and behavioural training.

Some of the training I delivered was based around NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and using techniques like perceptual positioning that can help you to realign your mind and your thoughts process. Combining these skills and incorporating them into yoga with meditation is an extremely powerful way to encourage realignment of the mind, body, and soul.

Our retreat programs are remarkably similar in terms of our approach, and that approach is to give you a retreat you will never forget. Our team of guy’s will not just look after your every need, we will be providing you with luxurious massage therapy, infusing you with some yoga and meditation that indulges your mind with new ways of thinking that can help you with everyday life.

We give you beautiful surroundings and facilities to take advantage of as well spoiling you with delicious and nutritious food.

You will be joined by like-minded guys who also enjoy spa retreats the man-to-man way, so you can be confident that you will feel comfortable and have a very enjoyable time.

We look forward to looking after you.